Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Money And Contentment

Money and Contentment

I am just one of the many people that has always believed that, money is one of the major needs if not the most until I mediated on 1 Timothy 6 a few weeks ago. Most people need money although for different purpose and different amounts, with a common consensus of seeking more than what they already have if any. Whatever the case is, money has a great influence on our life style and living standard. Although it is clearly argued that money cannot buy ones happiness, the amount of money we have or make determines our close associates, it determines the order of recognition and a type of a seat you can get at a social gatherings such as sports events, funerals and weddings. Such is the power of money that for most people it is the only thing they need and yet are never content.

On the contrary, the Bible exhorts us that godliness with contentment is the greatest gain (1 Timothy 6 v 6). Of course there are some who might argue that we need money to complete Christ mission and claim that we are more justified to need more money now than ever before. Some may point at the church projects, money for relief and of course personal advancements. As I meditated on Paul’s first letter to Timothy chapter 6, I came along a number of striking points.

First it was verse 7 where it is well stated. He says and I quote, “for we brought nothing to this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out.” In my view, this suggests that money does not transcend earthly life neither does it encompass our existence in the world. We are created and sustained by the creator. A promise found in Isaiah 40 verse 28 & 29, “Have you not known, have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and those who have no might, he increases their strength.”

Second is verse 9 where it says the desire to amass money comes with temptation and snare, foolish and harmful lust, destruction and perdition. This ties in with verse 10 which says summarizes, declaring that the love of money is the root cause of all evil of evil and can lead us into faithless and sorrow.

In summary, The Apostle implies that our existence does not solely rely on money and that the love of it can lead us into sorrow and destruction. To me, the issues raised in this chapter are 100 percent relevant to this century(21st). At this stage we should pause and ask ourselves if we are contented with what we have in as far our money is concerned.

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